The Mishna in Pesachim (117) corresponds certain negative sensations with their positive counterpart. I was wondering why "avel" (mourning) directly opposes "yom tov" as opposed to "simcha" or "ho'da".

Today I learned the halacha regarding a first-born ovel and if and how he should exempt his fast by attending a siyum.

One reason given in the n'ti gavriel is that it is ok for someone to make a siyum in a beis ovel because a siyum is compared to a yom tov, and a yom tov stops a shiva - and therefore there is no problem with a siyum being in his house.

Therefore, it makes sense to me to say that the opposite of aveilus is a yom tov because that is the very thing stops aveilus (in that sense). May we all be zoche to only simcha and yom tov all the days of our lives. Amen!

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