B’Eilon Mamre (Perek Yud Ches Pasuk Alef). Rashi explains that Hashem went to visit with Avraham on the 3rd day after his Bris Milah, circumcision. Hashem appeared to Avraham in Mamre’s territory because "Shenasan Lo Eizah Al HaMilah". Mamre was one of three people Avraham had gone to with questions on the Bris Milah. Mamre was the only one who gave him positive information. Rashi uses the word "HaMilah" the circumcision. If Avraham went to talk about his Milah why doesn’t Rashi use the word "Milo," his circumcision. The advice that Mamre gave Avraham was that he should follow the words of Hashem with Simcha.

The word "HaMilah" is spelled Hey, Mem, Yud, Lamed, Hey. The Mem and Lamed are gematria 70 which is a reference to the 70 names of Hashem. What is left is Hey, Yud, Hey -- the word "Haya" and Chazal tell us "Ein Haya Elah Bilashon Simcha". The word "Haya" is always a reference to Simcha. Mamre’s advice was follow Hashem and do the Milah with Simcha. This is 1 part of an article found at under Parshas Vayera.

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