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What's new @ ShortVort.com                  In case you haven't noticed, we've upgraded ShortVort.com and added lots of features and categories. Click the image above to see everything that ShortVort.com has to offer. We're also hoping to add more in the near future so stay tuned to our progress by signing up on the right side of this page.
Short Vort Book

New Release! 

Already in its 5th printing! Short Vort by Rabbi Moshe Kormornick is back in stock and can be bought for only $9.99

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Short Vort Book1

SHORT VORT by Rabbi Moshe Kormornick

$7.99 + postage and packing (includes optional personal inscription from the author) ORDER ONLINE

$9.99 Available in every good Jewish Bookstore 

Written by ShortVort.com founder, Rabbi Moshe Kormornick, this pocket-sized, power-packed volume contains over 320 pages covering every Parsha, Yom Tov and Special Occasion. With over 140 short vorts filled with valuable life messages, Torah insights and inspiring stories, this book is ideal for self-study or to share at the Shabbos table.


Looking for a gift to present to guests at your simcha? This book is the perfect and affordable choice. We can even print special editions to suit your event! 

Click here/message us here for special discount on bulk purchases. Be in touch directly to discuss your requirements.



(I WANT IT AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE VIEWING – SEE HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6iduq2uj74gji3f/Short%20Vort%20Book%20Sample%20Download.xps?dl=0                   I want it like here: http://www.feldheim.com/media/catalog/pageflip/ShortVort/book/index_scalable.html )

Still not sure? See what others have said about Short Vort the book:

“I found the presentation enlightening and interesting spiced with many vignettes and anecdotes and firmly based on true Torah hashkafa culled from many solid Torah sources.  I recommend this work for those wanting to enhance their Shabbos table with timely Torah thoughts and to those who need to deliver Divrei Torah at various occasions”

Rabbi Zev Leff

 “Whether one is looking for an interesting piece of Torah material to share with the family or one needs to have a Torah idea on hand to inspire acquaintances this book is ideal”

Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits

I just wanted to tell you how much my husband depends on your sefer, which is just right for divrei Torah at the Shabbos table and which we all enjoy. Thank you!  (He’s asking for a second one.)

H.M, Brooklyn.

A really good book. I bought it as a present after seeing it at a friend's house. The vorts are short and perfect for any size group - reading at a shabbat table or by yourself during the week. There is something to say for every festival and occasion - the perfect book

Tamara Lewis, Amazon.co.uk Review

Bargain of a Lifetime!

Firstly, I had to pick up the book - at $9.99, for a book covering EVERY Parsha, EVERY Yom Tov, and EVERY special occasion (like Bris Milah, Pidyon haben, Bar Mitzvah, Sheva brachos...even mourning, and a siyum!!) I had to take a look to see if it was too good to be true - and I can honestly tell you that it's the BEST bargain I have ever bought!...there are so many incredible true stories and vital life messages that I could not put this book down - I ended up reading the whole Sefer Vayikra in one night!

Shloimy, Amazon.com Review

Fantastic well written and one of its kind

Great little book, both for the beginner as well as a seasoned learner.

When I started to read this book I realized that this was something new that would appeal to so many people in all different walks of life.

I have bought a few of these books to give as gifts when I am invited out for dinner on a Friday night. It is very easy reading, light to carry around and has been very much appreciated by everyone that has received one - better than chocolates.

Ajay, Amazon.com Review

Must read!

Shortvort is filled with relatable, inspiring stories and messages for everyone. It is a must for everyone's shelf and Shabbos table.

Anonymous, Amazon.com Review

This book is a perfect gift. Whenever I go out for Shabbos I buy it for my hosts, or if I attend a Simcha, I buy it for the Baal HaSimcha. It's on the Parsha, on the Chagim and has short vorts for all the occasions when you might have a chance to say something...it's great!

Benjamin, Feldheim.com Review

After reading the story about the Shidduch with Reb Chaim in this week's Parsha, I had to write a review. It is full of inspirational stories and although it is written very clearly, it still contains many lofty thoughts and chiddushim all the way through!

I already used this book for a Seudas Preida (there is a beautiful 'short vort' all about it) and I plan on using the Bris vorts tomorrow at a friend's son's bris in Yerushalayim. 

Chaim Coleman, Feldheim.com Review

This is a fantastic sefer, extremely well written and very suitable for all types of learner. It's powerful, meaningful and a great source of wisdom. I am especially excited for Shabbos so I can share some of this book's inspiration with my family.

RNDK, Feldheim.com Review

Shortvort is such an incredible book. Small and easy to read. I get something new for the Parsha every week and it always leaves me with an inspiring message to take away.

Y Rosenthall, Feldheim.com Review


Have you read Short Vort? Please tell us in the comments section below what you think.

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