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Rabbi Yechiel Emanuel

Rabbi Yechiel Emanuel came to London age 8 after having spent his first years in South Africa. From there he went on to study in the Gateshead and Mir Yeshivos. In 2000 together with Nechama, he moved to Israel for six and a half years. During this time he studied for and obtained his Semicha, while also running / co-ordinating the night programme for a local Yeshiva (Orchas Chaim), as well as tutoring in Yeshivat Mercaz Hatorah. More recently Yechiel, Nechama and their two boys have moved to Manchester where Yechiel is a rebbe in Beis Hatalmud boys school.

{youtube width="200" height="200"}eHMCkQ3ht_w{/youtube} Ki Savo

{youtube width="200" height="200"}zXFp6u7UYNY {/youtube} Ki Seitzei

{youtube width="200" height="200"}zYuYyoVrhc0 {/youtube} Shoftim

{youtube width="200" height="200"}UHdlPguC9T4 {/youtube} Re'eh

{youtube width="200" height="200"}Njjano27NMQ {/youtube} Eikev

{youtube width="200" height="200"}v4B5e0v0EDk {/youtube} Vaeschanan

{youtube width="200" height="200"}dAM38bx24lM {/youtube} Devarim

{youtube width="200" height="200"}hMsT5XioIrU{/youtube} Matos - Masei

{youtube width="200" height="200"}kC_0NVlZY3g{/youtube} Pinchas : Yehoshua's first address

{youtube width="200" height="200"}ru3Bg5DzhQk{/youtube} Korach - The Message of the Almond

{youtube width="200" height="200"}3L3pkCRZzWU{/youtube} Shelach : An Eternal Moment

{youtube width="200" height="200"}II1Hr09IKLQ{/youtube} Shavuos

{youtube width="200" height="200"}dSdt_Euw_8A{/youtube} Nasso

{youtube width="200" height="200"}s26gf2D8gws{/youtube} Bamidbar - "Unity"

{youtube width="200" height="200"}BDvBOCQp5oU{/youtube} Behar - Bechukosai

{vimeo width="200" height="200"}11080525{/vimeo} Acarei Mos - Kedoshim

{youtube width="200" height="200"}VBuBpiUN0kA{/youtube} Vayikra : Light your fire

{youtube width="200" height="200"}fAt1y81PFk8{/youtube} Vayekhel : Pekudei: All for one...

{youtube width="200" height="200"}aPeSkp6ElhU{/youtube} Ki Sisa :Half a Circle, Half the Picture

{vimeo width="200" height="200"}9177158{/vimeo} RAV YITZCHAK BERKOVITZ:Purim Special

{youtube width="200" height="200"}wSRRB1Srd0w{/youtube} Mishpatim - Shekalim : Mixing with the right people

{youtube width="200" height="160"}2l_hTAVIVgY{/youtube} Yisro : Wings of Eagles

{youtube width="200" height="160"}iekz_HuDNxY{/youtube} Beshalach : The Hardest Plague

{youtube width="200" height="160"}YxgHT56E6_s{/youtube} Bo : Bread of Answers

{youtube width="200" height="160"}ugYAPwrNdGI{/youtube} Vaeira : Beating Hatred

{youtubejw width="200" height="160"}SfOnqd28pwQ{/youtubejw} Shemos :

{youtubejw width="200" height="160"}JZt6en7TdfM{/youtubejw} Vayechi 2 : The Eternal Blessing

{youtubejw width="200" height="160"}4AVuR0XQNcY{/youtubejw} Vayechi 1 : Sticking Together

{youtube width="200" height="160"}CM-4Vjg9IQ0{/youtube} Chanuka : reJEWviNATION

{youtube width="200" height="160"}9PJbHgNZTfM{/youtube} Vayeishev : A Truthful Thanks

{youtube width="200" height="160"}RnYN3igxtMQ{/youtube} Vayishlach : Getting Settled

{youtube width="200" height="160"}mEIMBswgKkY{/youtube} Vayeitzei : Solid Foundations

{youtube width="200" height="160"}An3z-e9YLJ4{/youtube} Toldos : See your blessings

{youtube width="200" height="160"}F1TAx4mVEa8{/youtube} Chayei Sarah : Every Second Counts

{youtube width="200" height="200"}UYq4W-9lAoE{/youtube} Vayera 3

{youtube width="200" height="200"}tANxCQ1qQJw{/youtube} Vayera 2

{youtube width="200" height="160"}LdOGiTLtyyc{/youtube} Vayera : Avraham, a real baal chesed

{youtube width="200" height="160"}HHply8McA_M{/youtube} Lech Lecha : It pays to honour your wife

{youtube width="200" height="160"}FkCve9-hJdM{/youtube} Noach : The Message of the Rainbow

{youtube width="200" height="160"}jmDA4RxjvUM{/youtube} Bereishis : Finding Chein

{youtube width="200" height="160"}nL3DQfx6b0s{/youtube} Succos : Starting From the Beginning

{youtube width="200" height="160"}slkoiwMd5WY{/youtube} Rosh Hashana : Don't miss the opportunities

{youtube width="200" height="160"}fbTWsDDtEzo{/youtube} Nitzavim : Deviating from the Path

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