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There is a Machlokes between the Rishonim as to how the Mezuzah should be placed (some say standing upright and some say lying down). We have a minhag to place it on a diagonal. The Baalei Mussar say that this is very important lesson as to how a household and indeed any relationship should function. Often people have opposing opinions and differing ideas. We need to learn from the Mezuzah how a happy elationship looks like. It is built on compromise. We don't go with one who says upright and we dont go with the one who says lying down, rather we compromise and meet each other half way! Just like the mezuzah on the front door that is watching over the house which is placed in a compromising position. There's a problem though, Compromise is problematic. It often doesn't solve any problems. It's "Nisht Aheen, Nisht Aher". Compromise is often neither here nor there which leaves both parties less than happy and creates a solution which doesn't solve either side's problems. So why bother? This is exactly the point of the Mezuzah. Rashi says it must stand up. Rabbeinu Tam says if it stands it is pasul and must lie down. The "Midakdikim" says the Tur, compromise to keep both opinions. But who is happy with this arrangement exactly? Certainly not the Mezuza who now gets to spend its life in an awkward position. We learn Compromise may be painful and compromise may provide the worst solution of them all. But if you understand the whole point of the mezuzah you will realize that the whole reason it is there to watch over the home. So in this instance we overlook the details and we provide a grand solution that may not help, not Rashi, not Rabbeinu Tam, and certainly not the mezuzah itself. But it is precisely this kind of mezuzah that will achieve its overall goal; a happy home and happy interpersonal relationships.

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