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There are many great diet plans on the market. Millions of books are sold to people who want the ultimate in weight loss. Everybody wants to lose weight and eat more. Sounds like a plan? Well if you tried them you know the truth. It simply doesn't work. But here is an idea that fuses both a brilliant new diet plan with a real live Mitzvas Aseh according to the Sefer Chareidim. He says that when a person holds himself back from excessive eating he is Mikayem a Mitzvas Aseh Min HaTorah of "Kedoshim Tihiyu". Amazing! Aside from feeling better the next morning and being able to close your clothing without struggling, you actually get a Mitzvas Aseh. This is not Mussar, not hanhagos tovos, it is a real mitzva d'oiraisa! There are many added benefits as well. The seforim hakedoshim say that when a person holds himself back from eating that "last" piece of food, it is the equivalent of a Taanis, a complete fast day.

A moment of anguish sure beats a day of hunger. It is also a wonderful in exercise in Sheviras HaMiddos, which the Vilna Gaon says is our chief task in this world.

One more thing I can guarantee you if you manage to control yourself from taking the extra bite.

Within six hours the pain will completely disappear and you will be a happier person with no regrets and no worse for the experience.




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